Experience and knowledge you can rely on

Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clinics have been keeping our community active for over ten years. Our team of university-qualified therapists offer over 40 years of combined experience and stay abreast of the latest research and advances in the field. We all share a common goal – to ensure that you can do what you enjoy most in life. We look after you as a team. By working closely together, you’ll receive the best care and most effective treatment to help you recover. We know you’re busy and that it’s hard to get away from work or school. We’re happy to accommodate and offer before and after work appointments in four convenient locations.

Our core values

We’re devoted to helping clients at all stages of life live without pain. We want members of our community to be as active as they desire and achieve what they were told they couldn’t. Our commitment to staying abreast of research and the most effective treatments allows us to diagnose, treat and educate our clients to benefit their wellbeing.

How we’re different

We take time to get to know you. Every new patient receives a full one-hour consultation with a therapist. We’ll have an in-depth discussion to help pinpoint the source of your issues. We go beyond treating only the problem area and seek to understand what’s causing the pain. The body is a complex system of interconnected systems that work hard to keep you moving day after day. When one area is tight, stressed or weak, it can affect other areas of your body that might not seem obvious. Add time as a factor, and you may be feeling an injury that occurred decades ago. Our trained team works together to understand the root cause of your issue, make a diagnosis and provide a thorough treatment plan that leads to significant recovery and relief.

Dedicated to building stronger communities

When you live in an area where outdoor activities are part of the lifestyle, we want everyone in our community to be as active as they want for as long as they wish. From elite athletes to weekend social activities, we’re dedicated to keeping our community active, fit and healthy. Contact us to see how we can help.

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