Hastings Macleay Speech Pathology works with adult and aged care patients experiencing difficulties with communication or swallowing.

It is our mission to work with you to enhance your communication skills and enjoy your mealtimes safely.

HM Speech offers clinic and mobile services so we can drive to you to provide assessment and treatment for any communication or swallowing disorder. Services are available to people living the Hastings Macleay region. We also provide services to Aged Care Facilities for mealtime management and staff education. The latest evidence based treatment approaches will be used to ensure the best possible improvement and your therapy will be tailored to you and your goals.HM Speech has excellent working relationships with medical professionals, allied health and other service providers in the area so we can guarantee a collaborative and holistic approach.

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Our team assists with management of communication and swallowing disorders which may arise from the following:

Any person who has a communication or swallowing difficulty.

  • Dementia and other disease affecting cognition
  • Traumatic/Acquired brain injury
  • Respiratory disease e.g. COPD
  • Head and neck cancer/disease, including tracheostomy & laryngectomy
  • Age related changes e.g. frailty, poor dentition
  • Gastrointestinal disease e.g. dysmotility
  • Being in palliative care
  • Stroke
  • Neurological disease e.g. parkinson’s disease and motor neuron disease

Port Macquarie

The Grange, 9A/84 Lake Road

Your Life Fitness Centre

180 Lake Rd, Port Macquarie


Unit 4, 243 Oxley Hwy, Wauchope


16 Laurie Street, Laurieton

You can visit our website for more information on services or contact Carly on 0484142433 to make a referral.

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